Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


Toner Tree Commitment

To assure Toner Tree customers of our commitment to the privacy of business and personal information, Concord has adopted and complies with this Privacy Policy in connection with the operation of its business and the delivery of its services. This policy applies to Toner Tree handling of any information transmitted electronically, sent by e-mail or otherwise collected in the normal course of business.

Toner Tree is committed to safeguarding the privacy and security of members of Toner Tree e-community and visitors to our site in general. The nature of our business requires that we capture, record and maintains extensive transaction-related data, including personal information of buyers purchasing from Toner Tree. Significant security measures are in place to protect this data and no information is shared except as provided in these policies.

Information Collected

In order to comply with informational requests made at our web site, and in order to provide transaction and payment processing services, Toner Tree is required to collect and maintain on its systems certain personal and business information relating to the request or transaction. This information varies by the nature in which a buyer utilizes the Toner Tree services and may include but is not limited to name and address, e-mail address, telephone numbers, purchase information, type of payment, amount of transaction, credit card numbers, passwords, shipping preferences, package tracking information, buyer identification numbers, and other order or buyer information.

Additionally, we may collect other non-identifying information, including IP (Internet Protocol) address, operating system and type of browser software.

How Information Is Collected

When information is requested at the Toner Tree site, the visitor is asked to complete an on-line request form. During completion of this form, a visitor is asked to provide contact information, including name and e-mail address. This information is used to contact the visitor in response to a specific request for information. In some cases, visitors may be requesting to be added to a mailing list, which may generate periodic communication from Toner Tree.

For transaction and payment processing services, information will either be collected securely, using the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology, from an on-line order form, or will be posted to Toner Tree payment gateway using SSL encrypted name-value pairs or xml formatted requests. Under no circumstances does Toner Tree ever request transaction related information through any means that is not secure and encrypted.

Other transaction and service related Toner Tree personnel may obtain by telephone, facsimile transmission, e-mail, or in person information. All such information obtained in the normal course of business is subject to this Privacy Policy once the information is in the possession of Toner Tree.

Under no circumstances does this Privacy Policy apply to information during transmission to Toner Tree, whether encrypted or not.

Use Of Information

Information collected by Toner Tree is used solely in connection with the provision if its services to the buyer and the information is accessible only to authorized Toner Tree personnel and the parties to an individual transaction, including banks and credit card processing companies where necessary. Toner Tree shares no information with third parties except as may be required by due process of law pertaining to specific transactions between buyers and sellers. Specifically, no information of any kind is made available to or sold to third parties for informational, analytical or marketing purposes. All information collected by Toner Tree is maintained for a minimum of three (3) years.

Access To Personal Information

Only authorized Toner Tree personnel have access to personal information stored on Toner Tree computer systems. For buyers, access to this information is available only by specific request and only to the buyer who engaged in a transaction.

Toner Tree maintains a secure administration system which controls and logs all access to any personal information. Highly sensitive information, such as credit card numbers are always encrypted and are made available only to users with a security level capable of viewing such information.

Toner Tree support personnel have access to transaction information in order to provide necessary support to our buyers. Toner Tree limits employee access to those employees with a legitimate reason to access such information.

Financial Information

As a member of the financial processing community, Toner Tree is compliant with Visa International standards for protecting account and transaction information and is subject to compliance with a number of other industry mandated privacy and security practices, including the following:

  • We provide network firewall security to protect data accessible via the Internet.
  • We maintain industry recommended security practices and monitor our systems to ensure they contain the most up-to-date security and software patches.
  • We encrypt all sensitive data stored on our systems, including credit card numbers and bank account information.
  • We use state-of-the-art Secure Socket Layer (SLL) data encryption technology to ensure that all data sent across all networks is secure.
  • We deploy and use anti-virus software.
  • We monitor and control all access by buyers and Toner Tree employees to all data stored on our systems.
  • We assign each system user a unique User ID and password that must be updated on a regular basis.
  • We follow industry standards for assigning and administering passwords and other security parameters, and do not allow any default, vendor-assigned password to remain on any of our systems.
  • We record and monitor all access to our systems by a uniquely assigned User ID and password.
  • We monitor and test the security of our networks and systems and review access log files daily.
  • We maintain this written policy concerning Toner Tree security and privacy practices.
  • We restrict, through locked data center facilities and secure off-site storage, access to all sensitive financial information, including credit card number information.

Personal Information Accuracy

Toner Tree understands and respects the importance of the information it collects and stores and makes every effort to control the accuracy and integrity of that information. In the event any visitor or buyer information changes or is found to be inaccurate, Toner Tree will provide a way to update or correct that information.

All requests to verify or change any information stored on Toner Tree systems should be forwarded to the Toner Tree Customer Support Center:

  • By Phone (Monday – Friday, 8:30 am – 5:00 pm PS(D)T): 1-877-434-7766
  • By Fax: 408-946-2426
  • By Email:



Cookies consist of information transferred to the hard drive of a visitor or buyer for the purpose of identifying the user or saving specific information about the user, such as personal preferences.

Toner Tree does NOT use cookies or any similar technology that stores information on a visitor’s or buyers hard drive.

Access Log Information

An IP address is the numeric address of a computer connected to the Internet. This address may be permanent or temporary depending on the type of connection. In all cases, the IP address is unique to only one computer or proxy server at one particular time.

Toner Tree uses the IP address of the visitor or buyer for the purpose of tracking movement within the site, analyzing trends, reviewing broad demographic data and administering the site. All such information is used in an aggregate method only and not to monitor the movements or trends of any individual visitor or buyer.

Promotions, Contests and Surveys

From time-to-time, Toner Tree will request information from visitors in connection with a promotion, contest or survey. Participation in such activities is completely voluntary. Information requested may include contact information, such as name and address, and other demographic information such as zip code, number of employees, sales or transaction volumes and other business related information. Contact information will be used only for the purposes of qualifying entries, contacting the winners, awarding prizes, or sending responses to questions or inquiries. The use of information from any particular survey will be made available within each survey and may include use for industry studies, customer preference reviews or for monitoring or improving use and satisfaction of Toner Tree products and services.

Links and Third-Party Information

The Toner Tree site and the order pages of Toner Tree may contain links to other web sites. Toner Tree is not responsible for the practices and privacy policies of the owners and operators of those sites. This Privacy Policy applies only to information collected by Toner Tree.

Privacy Policy Revisions

Toner Tree reserves the right to revise, amend, or modify this Privacy Policy, or any other practice or policy, at any time and in any manner. Notice of any such revision, amendment or modification will be posted on the Toner Tree web site and will be available in an updated version of this document.